Leaking Coils

Have you recently replaced or have been told that your coil is leaking?

Call me, I’ll double check it for free. Sometimes there isn’t a leak at all!

You are not alone. We all have to deal with this issue eventually and right now there is no real fix. Formicary corrosion is an industry wide problem effecting all brands of equipment containing cooling coils. Manufacturers have been studying this issue for 40 years to no real avail. Years ago this problem was slower acting than it is today for a few reasons. Back then the systems had thicker tubing and operated at lower efficiencies than they do today. Electricity was cheaper and as a whole, we weren’t that concerned about efficiency. Fast forward to the 21st century and we have laws requiring a certain efficiency, which can really only be achieved by using thinner materials. Between the thinner tubing, building materials, household products, pollution and just our general way of living speeds this process up. Manufacturers have moved to all aluminum coils to help combat this problem and they are doing very well but even aluminum coils aren’t immune to problems. Having good air exchange and proper size equipment helps a lot. Most manufacturers will have a 10 year warranty on their coils while the installation companies will give you a 1 year labor warranty and may have an extended labor warranty available. Just get the best warranty that you can. I Put a link below on formicary corrosion.


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