Are you about to invest in a new system(s)?  This is a big investment and we all want to get  the best and most for our money. 

Reviews? Don’t put too much stock in equipment reviews because all brands will have some bad reviews. There are just too many variables. What you want to do is focus on what brands are sold locally to you for quicker parts availability, getting a good parts and labor warranty, and try to make sure you are going to get good service after the sale. Most brands will give you good performance when they are installed properly.

The most  common issues that cause problems with new machines has to do with what doesn’t get done. 

  1. Upgrading or replacing ductwork. New ductwork is expensive and just can’t always be done with a system replacement. If you can swing it, do it. Poor airflow will kill A/C units. Have this discussion with your contractor. 
  2. Line-set.  Line-sets  need to be the correct size and not damaged. 
  3. Size. Proper sizing by a load calculation is mandatory.
  4. Maintenance.  Machines have to be maintained to keep your warranty effective and help prevent premature major parts failures. No different than a scheduled oil change.

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