DIY Checks

Some of these checks can get you going and save you a service call. Other remedies will still need a pro to complete but might get you some temporary relief.

  • Batteries in the thermostat good?
  • If it is Winter, you can put the thermostat on EMERGENCY until help arrives.
  • Dirty Filters? If bad, the system may be frozen and needs a few hours to thaw before calling. Look for Ice around both units.
  • Are all registers open and unobstructed?
  • Does the fan come on in the “on” position? If not, check power.
  • Power / Breakers  If you don’t know, we’ll handle it. A tripped breaker is usually a quick check. Power surges can be a common culprit for a tripped breaker.
  • Furnace switch ( a light switch near the furnace) make sure it is on. You can turn it off then on and wait a few minutes. Sometimes it just needs a reset.
  • Check and see if  your overflow pan is full of water. Vacuuming the water from the pan and drain line could get you going temporarily until service arrives.( if you’re able)
  • Check and see if your outside condenser is dirty or blocked. Move blockages away or simply spray the condenser with a medium water pressure in an up and down direction. Make sure the unit is off at the thermostat first.
  • Gas meter  moving or locked out? Bill Paid?

Residential service call during normal business hours is $79, this takes care of getting a stocked truck and a qualified technician to your home. In most cases we can get you going the same day. There will never be a surprise bill. You will be presented with an upfront price on repairs, and only with your approval do we begin the repairs

Coupon: $20 off the normal service call, May 20th til June 20th. Just mention the website discount at the time of scheduling or when the technician first arrives.

Business hours.

8am – 5pm. Mon – Sat

Closed Sunday

$90 Service Call applies after hours

After hours charges start at 6:30pm

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